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Hazardous Area Classification

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Hazcalc is an online software tool for IEC, ATEX and DSEAR Hazardous Area Classification. The tool is developed by hazardous area consultants in order to use it during daily classification studies.

The goal was to develop an easy to use and intuitive tool, which leads to realistic results in area classification,  as well as realistic area dimensions. Beside that, it should be possible to assess situations quick and automatically print professional reports, which can be used in area classification study reports.

After years of improvement and use by hazardous area consultants, the tool is now available for anyone who wants to use it. We think it's straight forward and the most easy to use tool in the market!


Watch the video in order to get an idea of the software. It is also possible to take a look at the software after free registration without any obligations.

Hazcalc makes it easier!

All methods for hazardous area classification have one thing in common: the process of HAC can be a very time consuming process of calculating and adjusting parameters. With Hazcalc, an assessment can be done within minutes! Editing parameters is very easy and the effects of changing these parameters is directly vissible, so that there is enough room for expert judgement.

Hazcalc is an online platform / tool for hazardous area classification of flammable liquids and gases (e.g. hydrogen, methane etc.) completely according to the current International Standard IEC 60079-10-1 version 2020. Also the older standard from 2015 is still available within the tool.

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Hazcalc Dashboard

Easy in use and realistic results

Hazardous Area Classification normally costs a lot of time and effort. Hazcalc is an easy to use tool wich saves and enormous ammount of time and effort. Beside that, the results of the hazardous area classification assessment, with this tool leads, to more realistic hazardous zones with more realistic area dimensions. Over-conservative areas and area dimensions that are common, when using other methods (e.g. example approach-methods), are prevented when using Hazcalc. Therefor Hazcalc helps saving capital and prevents the use of unneeded Ex electrical equipment and non-electrical Ex equipment in places were it actually is not needed.

An extensive help function and user manual is available and users are automatically guided through the process of ATEX and DSEAR hazardous area classification. A chemical substances database is incorporated and ventilation assessments are done automatically. Assessments of several release scenarios can be made and the results are stored online. A report function is available and the results, including an image, graphs and when applicable, company logo, can be printed. All assessment details and results can be exported to MS Excel format.

Export possibilities Hazcalc


The tool is very helpful for e.g. HSE/ATEX-consultants, -managers and  ATEX-inspector and e.g. for process- and I&E engineers. It can be used for the classification (HAC) for existing installations and for new installations during e.g. engineering phase and/or commissioning phase.

Key benefits

The key benefits of the tool are:

  • time-saving due to incorporated substance database, automated calculations and graph drawings;
  • time-saving e.g. due to easy copy, duplicating and editing function of assessments;
  • reduction of faults in calculations;
  • professional report function with own company logo;
  • export function of selected assessments to MS Excel format
  • extensive knowledge of the IEC standard not necessary: guidance and help function is incorporated within Hazcalc;
  • reduction of the size of hazardous areas due to the calculation of evaporation in dedicated and customized scenario's;
  • prevention of unnecessary Ex equipment due to realistic hazardous areas compared to other standards.

Developed by professional HAC assessors

Hazcalc is developed by experienced hazardous area assessors which have a proven history of complex HAC studies and are all IECEx certified professionals. Quite often these assessors are consulted for a second opinion on hazardous area zone reduction. Hazcalc is used for these studies.


Hazcalc is extremely usefull when composing an explosion protection document. The hazardous area's can be assessed easily, fast and well documentated. Hazcalc calculations, reports, graphs and other data can be easily imported is Word documents and/or Excel sheets.


High usability!

Due to the easy en fast way of making assessments and automated calculation functions for several types of releases, an assessment can be done within minutes. In every step of the process a pop-up help function is available, to guide the assessor through the process. The results are automatically displayed in the appropriate graphs immediatelly. Together with several report functions, such as printingf single assessments and exporting multiple assessments to a local MS Excel file, professional and reliable assessments can be delivered easily.


Export all results

All results from all assessments can be exported with just one click to a MS Excel file. These results can be easily arranged with our separate importmodule to your own desired format so that the assessment results can be easily incorporated in reports.