What is Hazcalc software tool?

Hazcalc is a very useful software platform for assessing hazardous areas of flammable gases, vapors and liquids in relation to explosion safety. Hazacalc was developed during practicing consultancy work in a wide variety of sectors, e.g. oil and gas, pharma, hydrogen installations, biogas installations, waste treatment installations etc.

Developed by assessors for assessors

During that consultancy work we noticed that a standard way of assessing and calulating hazardous areas based on IEC 60079-10-1 standard, would save a lot of time and effort. After first working with an Excel worksheet, we came to more reliable tools and finally we came to the point that we realised ourselves: why not sharing this useful tool with others?

We decided to develop a web-based platform where users can assess potentially hazardous areas in an easy and controlled way. With an extensive integrated help function, availability of examples and a downloadable user manual and online tutorials, Hazcalc can be used quite easy.

Every assessment is stored in an online and secured database. A copy function is available for copying assessments, modifying some parameters and see the effects of changes in e.g. substances , installation and ventilation grade. The tool is meant for everyone who has to assess potential hazardous areas like e.g. HSE-employees, process-engineers, consultants, atex inspectors, machine engineers, government etc.