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ethanol spill hac iec 60079-10-1

Example assessment of an ethanol spill

This is a video of an assessment with Hazcalc of a spill from a can with ethanol in an indoor situation.
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Hazardous Area Classification

Example assessment of pressurized release

This is a video of an assessment with Hazcalc from a pressurized release of methane from a 100 bar piping system with flanges and fittings.
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Hazcalc Release Models

Which release models are available within Hazcalc?

These downloads gives an overview of the release models that are featured with Hazcalc.
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Auto Ignition Temperature

How are the AIT of substances and T-class of equipment related?

Auto Ignition Temperature and T-Class The Auto Ignition Temperature of substances and the Temperature Class of Equipment are related. The Auto Ignition Temperature of substances is the lowest temperature in which the substance spontaneously ignites in a normal atmosphere without an external source of ignition, such as a flame or spark. This temperature is required…
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Hazcalc - Explanation on hazardous area classification

What is Hazardous Area Classification?

Explanation on hazardous area classification Hazardous area classificatie is related to the prevention of explosion risks on a site, factory or installation. The first step in the systematic approach on reducing explosion hazards is to identify those area’s where such hazards are present: typically those locations where high concentrations of flammable substances (like gases, liquids…
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Hazcalc - Download / export assessments

Can i download/export assessments?

All assessments made with Hazcalc can be downloaded / exported directly to a Micrisoft Excel formatted xlsx file. The values of this file can be copy-paste to an Importmodule and an automated table can be extracted within a few clicks. This table can easily be modified. The Importmodule can be downloaded here: Importmodule.xlsx
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